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The Early Days of Investment Trading - A New Era?

People who have been around the trading investment industry for a long time now will always talk about how difficult and tough it was in the early days of trading. However, it is only in the last few years that most people realized just how easy and enjoyable trading can be.

In the early days of investment trading, there were no automated robots that allowed people to make money. There were no online platforms where people could place trades. Traders used to get up early in the morning, go out and spend hours in front of the computer, watching the market and waiting for some kind of move that would enable them to make some profit.

Of course, there was also very little in the way of resources like news, data and market statistics available for you to use during the day. It was extremely risky, but if you were lucky, you would strike it rich. If you were not, you would risk losing everything you had. So, the early days of investment trading were extremely grueling one, which of course the newbies did not really relish.

As more traders became aware of the possibilities and the benefits of online trading, more websites appeared, offering them a small amount of 'bonus' money if they could convince other traders to join their sites. The website owners got very rich at the expense of many of the early pioneers of online trading. These guys were one and all unsuccessful, because they simply did not understand the risks that they were taking.

It took a while for online trading to get established. People had to find out what their advantages and disadvantages were before they decided to trade online. But then, once online trading had got going, traders started to discover more of the advantages of trading online.

The first advantage of trading online is that it allows you to spend more time with your family or your work. If you are trying to earn a living out of trading, you have to pay attention to your business at all times. Trading does not allow this. Also, it allows you to see the movements of the market from any location and any time of the day.

Online trading gives you the flexibility to access real time data and reports. Most websites offer you charts, graphs and historical data, so you can spend more time in finding your own strategy and your own niche in the market.

Another important advantage of trading online is that you can do so much more than stick to a plan or a strategy that was formulated in the early days of investment trading. You can do so much more and you are able to do so much more, because of the low entry barriers and the limited capital of a trader.

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