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Future of Natural Gas - Is It Bright?

While natural gas can be an attractive fuel option for residential and commercial uses, many consumers are less than impressed with the future of natural gas. Some people who are using natural gas as their primary source of heat are now considering switching to another option such as electric heat.

This is due to the current economic climate and a desire to find ways to cut back on expenses. A natural gas system has been shown to have about five times the energy consumption of a comparable solar panel system. In addition, they are more expensive to install and maintain.

This has caused a lot of consumers to turn to other alternatives such as electrical heat. Many people in urban areas have gone this route because it is an affordable option. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and produces far less harmful emissions than natural gas


Although electric heat is cheaper, it does not compare in terms of what you are saving from the environment. Although most electric heaters only use about half of the energy of those powered by natural gas, the electric heaters still produce more pollution. Also, it takes several hours for the electric heat to produce heat.

When people choose to use alternate energy, it is because they want to conserve money and they want to provide for their families. The additional cost of switching to an electric heater can really add up and the thought of the increased amount of time spent inside is very frightening. Many consumers are thinking that if it is going to be so much trouble, they may as well get out of the habit altogether.

When looking into electric heat, many are still waiting for the time when natural gas is no longer the main source of heat for their homes. Because natural gas is still used in many homes, many people are still interested in what the future of natural gas will hold.

There are various research projects being conducted to determine what the future of natural gas will be. As more information is collected, many homeowners and business owners are beginning to ask questions. Consumers are wondering if natural gas will ever be completely phased out because they are unsure of the effectiveness of electric heat in comparison to that of natural gas.

Most households and businesses still choose to use electric heat because it is a cleaner alternative and they can save money in the long run. Even though the purchase price of an electric heater may be higher initially, it is a lot less expensive over the long run than an installation of a natural gas heater. One thing is for sure; there is no reason to think that the future of natural gas is bleak.

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